Types of Mangoes in India


Mango is the dainty fruit in the world. India is one of the largest directors and exporters of mangoes in the world. India’s Mango Season  generally starts between March and lasts till July or August. This season is a god’s gift for mango lovers. Indian Mangoes are the bones with  succulent taste and  decoration quality so that no other mangoes can replace them. Mango is the public fruit of India.

Types of Mangoes:

A number of  kinds of Mangoes are present in India. So, we came up with list of Top 5 Mangoes in India:


These variety of mangoes are well known for their name and their aroma. Alphonso is considered as the “ King Of Indian Mangoes ” due to its delicate, sweet, juicy flavour and smooth texture.  The Quality and Taste of Alphonso has been recognised worldwide making it the most  precious variety mango in the world. They’re also called as Hapus.


 Kesar is considered to be a superior mango variety. They’re small to medium in size and are round shaped. They’ve a sweet taste with a bit of tanginess. Kesar Mangoes are golden  unheroic with greenish tone. The Aroma of Kesar spreads  far and wide which tempts people to taste it. These variety of mangoes are the bones which are used in authorities, ice creams, yogurts etc. Kesar Mangoes have a huge request worldwide.


Chaunsa is extremely sweet so that children enjoy eating it. It  began from Bihar, India. This variety is rich, delicate and exceptionally sweet. It’s round shaped and have a greenish –  unheroic skin.  Chaunsa has a high nutrition value and low fibre in them. These mango  grow to give the most sweetest pulp. These mangoes are rich in Vitamin C content.


Banganapalli Mangoes are sweet and  pungent. They’re named after the place banganapalli from where they  began. They’re large sized, firm and fibreless mangoes.  They’re  substantially used in making milkshakes, goodies and pickles. They’re rich in Vitamin A and are grown in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.


Dasheri mangoes began from Lucknow. They’re small sized and have green –  unheroic skin. Dasheri mangoes are considered as the tropical luxury fruit due to impeccable taste and aroma.  The thing of Dasheri mangoes is that it has a quencher like scent. These mangoes are in high demand during the summer season. Fun Fact is that these mangoes were first grown in  auditoriums  of the palace of Nawab of Arcot.


  • India as a “Mango Rich Country” has a unique variety of mangoes.
  • These varieties are exported all over the world.
  • These variety of mangoes cannot be harvested in any other part of the world.

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