IIT Professor: A Fruitful Journey of Trust – Kutch Kesar Mango

"Only bad things about Kutch Kesar Mango is that season is over and now can't order more."
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S. D. Sharma

Professor IIT Bombay


Welcome to KutchKesar.com, where we take pride in offering exquisite mangoes from Kutch, Gujarat, India. In this article, we’ll share a remarkable story that highlights the trust and satisfaction of one of our esteemed customers, a professor from IIT Bombay. Join us as we explore the exceptional qualities of our organic mangoes and understand why they stand out.

The Quest for the Perfect Mango

On 26th May 2023, a distinguished professor from IIT Bombay discovered KutchKesar.com. Intrigued by our mangoes’ reputation, he expressed interest in ordering our fruit. We advised him to wait a few more days as the mangoes were still ripening.

Impressed by his enthusiasm, we maintained regular contact with the professor. Determined to deliver the finest produce, we decided to take a unique step to ensure his happiness.

Going the Extra Mile

Recognizing the professor’s eagerness, we sent him a box of our mangoes before they were fully ripe. Unfortunately, the mangoes arrived unripened. To uphold our commitment to quality, we promptly dispatched another 10kg box, free of charge.

The Test of Authenticity

Before placing a substantial order, the professor decided to conduct a test to verify the ripening process. He used a simple experiment involving a bucket of water to distinguish between chemically and organically ripened mangoes. If mangoes sinks means were organically ripned and if not then calcium carbide is used to ripen the mangoes. The use of calcium carbide for ripening fruits is illegal and poses health risks, so it is important to choose naturally ripened fruits or those ripened using safe and approved methods.

Solidifying Trust through Authenticity

While testing he discovered that our mangoes sank effortlessly, indicating their organic nature. This discovery strengthened the bond of trust between the professor and KutchKesar.com. Impressed by the purity and quality of our mangoes, he placed subsequent orders for both 20kg and then after some days 10kg. It was evident that his love for mangoes aligned perfectly with our commitment to providing authentic, organic fruits.

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Kutch Kesar Mango Review from Professor

Kutch Keasr Mango Orgainc Check By IIT Professor

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